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An implementation of Chieftain is complete when it is populated with live data and is being used by staff. Henderson Technology is committed to support any purchase of Chieftain from software installation through to staff roll-out. Hence the purchase price includes:

  • Customisation of Chieftain to your business
  • Administrator training to build your task schedules
  • Sample task templates to get you started
  • Staff training
  • User manuals

In addition, Henderson Technology offers other services to facilitate the delivery of Chieftain.

Any implementation of Chieftain requires planning to configure the product, create schedules, pre-load data, test, train staff, roll-out, and other activities. The company may choose to manage this internally or may engage Henderson Technology as project managers for the delivery of Chieftain.

Your business processes are one of the key differences between you and your competitors, forming a key part of your Intellectual Property. Henderson Technology guides you in producing the task schedules which represent this part of your business. Often, it is this process which organisations find valuable as it disciplines them to understand every process they do in their operations.

Importing and data migration is another area of expertise which Henderson Technology provides to its clients.

Project Delivery 

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