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Capture your company's intellectual property to create an off-balance sheet asset, raising the standards for your internal and external customers.

A company operates on its work practices. Too often these practices are undocumented and adhoc - referring to ways that people just got things done, even though the original staff may have moved on or the environment changed. Chieftain allows you to document, analyse and improve such processes.

A process is a set of actions performed by the staff in order and in time. Process mapping describes the activity of separating a process into tasks based on milestones, resources, inputs, outputs and other factors and entering this information into Chieftain.

A process is far from linear. Often a process contains multiple paths of action, or a parent task may contain sub-tasks, or tasks and subtasks can be repeated. Chieftain is able to represent these relationships and more in its task schedules.

Process Mapping 

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