Henderson Technology - History

Henderson Technology was formed in 2002 for the purposes of developing, promoting and selling the Chieftain Software application. Chieftain had its genesis in another product called InsolveWare for the Insolvency industry, developed by Createc, a company owned and operated by Mark Henderson.

When the potential became clear for a similar product for all industries, Henderson Technology was set up with Alan Henderson, a computer engineer of 20 years experience, joining his brother Mark as directors of the new company. The product was rebuilt based on the original concept and released to the market as Chieftain in October 2003. Ownership of InsolveWare was also transferred to Henderson Technology and reengineered as a Chieftain derivative in the same year.

Over the time, the focus has expanded to deliver services based upon the capabilities of Chieftain, including the design of task schedules for clients as well as performance analysis of business processes.


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