Henderson Technology - System Design

Henderson Technology supplies and supports three systems:

Chieftain   Our flagship product provides real-time monitoring, notifying and reporting of key business processes across a broad range of industries.
TIME   A collaboration with a medical specialist practice and consultative psychologist has been formed to produce an Injury Management Expert system for the Workers Compensation field.
InsolveWare   A derivative of Chieftain built for the Insolvency industry.

All the applications use our unique ScheduleEngine technology which allows complex interactions between tasks to be represented in order to determine a task's scheduled date and its eligibility for signoff. Such task relationships include signoff dependencies, date dependencies, mutually exclusive tasks, multi-dependencies, branching, and grouping.

In addition, the applications share other common design features:

  • Adjustable screens to support small through to large sized monitors
  • Efficient use of memory and data bandwidth to allow operation on existing hardware
  • Main screen designed around an innovative dual grid layout that provides a powerful search capability
  • Flexible and easy to use security system to grant users access to the functions they need


  • Win98, NT, Win2000, XP, Vista
  • Client Server application
  • Microsoft Access or SQL Server database
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office

System Design 

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