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Chieftain is a software tool that provides control and management over your processes.

What you do; how staff interact; the value you provide; are brought together in a unified manner. Henderson Technology has developed Chieftain with the belief that actions taken in an organisation should have continuity from the director to the front-line.

Chieftain provides clients with a seemingly custom built solution utilising the specific terms, framework and relationships for each industry and field of operation.

Use Chieftain for:

Resourcing    Having difficulty finding experienced staff?
Chieftain enables existing staff to engage in matters of greater worth while providing the oversight necessary to guarantee the excellence of your processes.
Compliance    Never miss a deadline again. Keep track of key tasks, when they are due, and guide staff in their execution.
Process Design    Gain insight into your operations.
Develop an off balance sheet asset.
Training    Show your work practices in action.

Chieftain allows you to plan, track and schedule jobs fast and effectively. Build task lists, set priorities and deadlines, allocate resources, monitor costs and track performance.

A process is mapped into Chieftain as a schedule of inter-dependent tasks, complete with timing, resource information, and outside relationships. The processes applied as task schedules make business operations predictable, clarify performance bottlenecks and highlight efficiencies. The result is management has more time and staff have clear objectives.

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