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Chieftain automates and provides structure to the management of task/people-based processes which brings better work practices to an organisation and an improvement in productivity.

Business process mapping interface

Processes may be mapped with work estimates given. Repeating processes, key events, concurrent and linear time relationships are structured within the system.


Once a process has been mapped into the system, then any number of jobs can be created based on that template. Staff signoff the tasks as they work through a job. Scheduling of activity is supported with notification to stakeholders, and escalation of tasks based on priority or status. Activity is colour coded.

Monitoring and tracking

Measurements based on time, costs, quantity can be captured and used to provide estimates of job completion and alerts when KPIs are not being reached.

Document composition and filing

The optional DocLink module uses Microsoft Word templates to merge recorded data and produce Word documents for each job.

Relationship management

A contact management system is supplied that allows all the players and their different relationships within a job to be captured.

Personalised alerts

Individuals may see their schedule activity or the activity of their subordinates.

Email notifications

An optional module is available for individuals to receive email notifications of required activity.


Access to jobs and functions can be restricted to individuals or groups of users.


On demand operational and business reports clearly reveal the process performance. Export report information to Microsoft Excel for more specialised analysis services.


The system has been built with the intention to operate with existing financial, accounting and contact management systems.


Chieftain has an "Office" version for medium-sized enterprises and a "SQL" version for larger organisations.


  • Win98, NT, Win2000, XP, Vista
  • Client Server application
  • Microsoft Access or SQL Server database
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office


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